Untitled Page DiagFor is short for Diagnostic for Forest contractors. It is an online questionnaire designed as a benchmarking and continuous improvement tool for forest contractors. This diagnostic tool is part of a personal and ongoing improvement process for contractors. It will enable you to compare your answers with the average of all other participating forest contractors.
Untitled Page After registering, you will be asked to answer “yes” or “no” to a series of questions that are divided into eight categories called contractor responsibilities. They cover all key aspects of a contractor’s business, ranging from human resource management to equipment productivity. For each responsibility, your performance will be evaluated on a scale of 1 to 5 (entry level to world-class contractor).
Untitled Page If you fill in the questionnaire honestly (as you should do when golfing or bowling for instance), you will get suggestions for improving your specific situation. Above all, we believe that the simple fact of taking a bit of time to consider the topics addressed should get you thinking about new and innovative ideas for managing your business. It is important to remember that to be useful and effective, this exercise must be done rigorously without trying to embellish the situation.
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Yes. Your results will be saved in a database managed by FPInnovations, Feric Division. Your name and contact information will only be used to help you retrieve your results each time you login. Your data will be added to other results without being associated with your name.

However, if you agree, you can share your results with the company you work for by completing the exercise with the help of a “coach.” You will be asked to enter a user code when you register so you can subsequently access the data.